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Our Projects and Products

Deluxe Journals

Greenhouse Servers

Your Creativity, Your Way

We've launched our own line of notebooks and journals to hold your thoughts, poetry, music, and more. And it's all done in a style to match your interests.

Whether your thing is inspiration, aspiration, reflection, syncopation, or perspiration, you'll find a paperback or hardback journal to bring a smile to your lips.

Our affordable collection is available on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members.

TwisterJester on RedBubble

RedBubble Store

Tee Shirts and Prints

Looking for unique and beautiful designs on tee shirts, home products, and more?

How about canvas prints of photos you can't find anywhere else?

Check out our store on RedBubble

Our Vero Pages


No Sales, Just Photos

Photography is our passion, with a current focus on Arizona and the Southwest.
Geranis General Store

Gerani's General Store

Gerani's General Store


Gerani's General Store has been around a while, with nary a dissatisfied customer along the way.

While we specialize in vintage hand tools, we now and then feature other small vintage and antique items.

Unusual and one-of-a-kind items

We do extensive searching for vintage and hard-to-find items so we can offer them to you at fair pricing. It's increasingly a challenge to find quality items in the current market, which impacts our inventory.

And that's fine. We'd rather offer a few quality items than run-of-the-mill products.

Fast, Secure Shipping

For security and your convenience, we only ship priority mail to the USA.

All packages include insurance at no cost. Since some of these items are one-of-a-kind, if it arrives broken, you're covered.

Greenhouse Servers
Reno and L D Holland Journals and Noteoboks

Quirky is Kind of Our Thing

You should write a book.

No, really. You should.

Sometimes it's important to tell the world what's on your mind; other times it's best to keep it to yourself. Better not to tip your hand when planning world domination.

That's where Reno and L D Holland Journals come in. (The writing, not the world domination.)

 - Aren't they just notebooks? After all, they're mostly blank.

Sure. Only they're notebooks with an attitude, each with a theme and a collections of related quotes scattered across the pages.

Give the Gift of Self-Expression

This 6" x 9" collection of journals and notebooks makes a perfect gift for the student, grad, dragon lover, woodworker, or photographer in your life.

Or give one to yourself. You deserve good things, too.

Holland journals don't look like typical notebooks. Our covers are custom designed, including hand-drawn maps from artist and author Kenta Brice, digital art by L D Holland, and digital art and photography from Reno Holland. Each journal is a statement of your taste.

Larger sizes include our 8.5" x 11" songwriters' and college-ruled notebooks

New Themes In the Works

It's our mission to offer a variety of themes to suit folks don't follow the beaten paths. We've walked (and rolled down) a lot of pathways in our collective lifetimes, and have met some of the most interesting folks you can imagine. As our collection grows, we hope to pay homage to everyone we've met and hope to meet.

Got an idea for a journal or notebook? Shoot us an email or let us know on Facebook.

By the way, we aren't restricting ourselves to this planet. Keep an eye out for our astronimical line, coming soon.

Gerani Photo
Gerani Photo and Design

Quality Photos at Affordable Prices

We believe in creating royalty-free photos and graphics, making them easy to purchase and with a clear license, without a huge dent to the bank account. We offer images (photos and digitally-created) at competitive pricing. We're talking high resolution, unique photos for book covers, magazine articles, websites, or business applications. Heck, if you want to use one of our photos on Facebook, we're good with that, too.

Licensing for our images is for any legally-created product, for legal purpose, so long as purchased with the right license for the type of use (Normal, high-volume, or exclusive).

Exclusives? We've Got 'Em

Our photo database and digitally-created images are exclusive to Gerani Photo and Design, instead of the same old set you'll find on every other site.

Logo Graphics

We offer a special LOGO LICENSE for certain vector images, which transfers the copyright to you and/or your company so they can be trademarked by you. We create the associated name text for a nominal fee; or purchase the standalone image and use as-is. All logo images are clearly identified and are sold for exclusive-use. The price includes a release of all rights to the buyer and is non-refundable.